Bridal Shower

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Fun Bridal Party outfits! These fun T-shirt are a must have for your party night ♥ We can use any colour shirt you wish and any wording ♥
Beautiful, stylish bridal shower gifts for all your lady guests. We can personalise these jars to the brides needs and requirements ♥ The perfect little gift to be enjoyed after your perfect girly dag ♥ Prices start at R25 only
I promise you… while you are busy opening all your fabulous gifts your guests won’t be bored….... as long as you give them something to do! Like a cocktail and this darling bridal shower present bingo game! Each guest will write down what she thinks you will receive and as you are opening your gifts they will mark their bingo cards… first to 5 wins! We can send a winner lip balm for FREE with your Bingo cards (depending on how many you order)! We also have a Word Search available! Every card can be personalise to fit in with your party colours
Bridal Shower Thank You Gifts for all your guests!! Kiss the "Miss" goodbye ♥ What a beautiful and special way to Invite OR Thank your guests for sharing your special day with you! ! Your gift will be Loved and used by all your guests for a long long time ♥ Starting @ R20 only

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