Bridal Shower

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These stunning flower baskets arek the perfect decoration for any beautiful event. They can be used behind your dining chairs, dowe the wedding aisle, against the wall or behind the doors ♥♥ Various flowers can also be used in these baskets and we can personalise these baskets to suit your special event!
Everyone loves a warm cup of tea! A personalized tube, tin or jar of tea - a great way to make your favor last. You'll know that one day soon you'll be bringing a morning smile to your guests face, as well as a delicious cup of lovely wedding day memories. The gift that keeps on giving ♥ Prices start from R20 Please contact us with your preferred style and colours
Beautiful bookmarks to Thank each of your guests for sharing your special day of Love with you! The perfect Thank You gift that every guest will treasure♥ Perfect for any wedding or bridal shower!
Timeless jewellery loved and treasured forever. Creating beautiful, simple silver & Opel treasures that connect people with those they love. The Love Collection speaks to the sentiments in your heart. Each piece is designed as a lovely delicate piece of jewellery ready for everyday wear and packaged into a story card. Life's moments are worth celebrating. Gorgeous treasured keepsakes perfect as a gift for yourself or giving as a unique gift to that special someone. There is something beautiful and personal for any occasion within our product range. Simple wishes made with love. All jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver (some pendants with Opel) and each item is presented on a beautiful personal card....Should you wish to personalise your own cards we only charge an additional R10 and we can even print them in Afrikaans for you if you like!! Please note that you are more than welcome to choose which earings, necklace or bracelet you would like to order with which saying card, so you just need to tell me what you would like to say or if it is a gift the who it is for so that I can arrange the cards and Voila! Starting from only R250

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